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Procedure of Student Information Recording on the Educational Service System

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Procedure of a G-Mail registration for Student
 1.Collection of Text Books Term 3/2016 and Term 1/2017 (Course LFM1101 only)

Dear : Le Cordon Bleu students

Please be informed that Le Cordon Bleu students who have been accepted for the course subject in the Special Session, Academic Year 2016 and the First Semester, Academic Year 2017 (Course LFM1101 only) are able to pick up the course text books as per the following details :

Place : 4th Floor Building 2, Room 2419
May 29 June 9, 2017 (MON - FRI)
During Time 08.30 am. 12.00 am. and 01.00 pm. - 03.00 pm.

1.Student shows the receipt for tuition fee
2.Pick up Request text books form in front of Room 2419
3.Fill in ID number / Name / Surname / Mobile phone no. / Quantity
4.Submit request of text book form at Room 2419
5.Student re-checks quantity and type of text book with the receipt and signature. The Accounting Department will keep this form.
6.If any extra or fewer books are showing please contact the Accounting staff immediately.
ANNOUNCED BY   Office of Accounting and Finance   DATE ANNOUNCED   9 May 2017
 2.The schedule of Receiving tuition fee invoice and Payment date 3/2016
Students who have already registered for the special semester of academic year 2016, please be informed that you will be able to print your tuition fee invoice by yourself via on 2nd 21st May, 2017. The student who is inconvenient, please receive yours at the office of Accounting and Finance, room no. 201 during 8:00 am - 4:00 pm on 2nd 4th May, 2017. The payment must be made by 21st May, 2017 by DTC Invoice from only
Payments made after the due date are subject to 100 baht per day late payment surcharge.
ANNOUNCED BY   Accounting and Finance Office.   DATE ANNOUNCED   18 April 2017
 3.For Those Who Are Going to Graduate
For Those Who Are Going to Gaduate
The afore-said documents are as follows:
1. The graduation-requesting form
2. A copy of your citizen card
3. A copy of your parents citizen cards
4. Ten 1.5 inch-sized photos of your own wearing the gown
You are advised to go and get documents about graduation preparations at the Registration Department (Room No.407-409).
hand in the documents to the Registration Dept. within June 9, 2017.
You are advised to submit a petition to check your academic achievements in each semester at the Registration Department.
Steps to Be Taken
1. Submit a petition to request for your Grade report at Room No.407-409.
- Put a tick / in the appropriate space.
2. Submit the petition to the College store. (Room No.105).
3. Submit the petition to the Registration Department.
4. Receiving the documents at the Registration Department the next day.
Remake : Please take the documents to submit at least one day in advance.
Note : If you have any questions, please contact the Registration Department (Room No407-409).
ANNOUNCED BY   Registration Department   DATE ANNOUNCED   10 April 2017
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