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Procedure of Student Information Recording on the Educational Service System
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 1.Print the Invoice and Payment date for 3/2020

ANNOUNCED BY   Student Finance Affairs Office   DATE ANNOUNCED   21 June 2021
 2.Registration for the summer semester of the academic year 2020

ANNOUNCED BY   Academic Department   DATE ANNOUNCED   18 June 2021
 4.Announcement: The Course Evaluations are available online, Academic Year 2020

*Evaluation method*
ANNOUNCED BY   Assessment Dept.   DATE ANNOUNCED   6 June 2021
 5.Request for cooperation in completing the questionnaire for graduated students of Batch 21

ANNOUNCED BY   Career Development Department   DATE ANNOUNCED   27 May 2021
 6.Welcome Package for new students, 2021 Academic Year

*Welcome Package *
ANNOUNCED BY   Academic Affairs Office   DATE ANNOUNCED   11 May 2021
 7.Announcement: Regarding pre-intensive classes of the academic year 2021 (student ID. 21)

Any informations please click the link below;

* 1) How to check the study timetable on reg.dtc.ac.th *

* 2) Check the student name list and study group *

* 3) Course schedule for Pre-Intensive (!! IFM1201 time table have changed, please recheck the schedule !!) *

* 4) Line Group for each study group *

* 5) Textbooks delivery and Google form (need to complete the form within July 9, 2021)*
ANNOUNCED BY   Academic Department   DATE ANNOUNCED   11 May 2021
 8.Academic Office contact (Academic Dept., Registration Dept. and Assessment Dept.)

ANNOUNCED BY   Academic Office   DATE ANNOUNCED   2 March 2021
        Contact : แผนกวิชาการ